Purpose of Coaching

In 1974 Tim Gallwey simplified the mysterious world of coaching and distilled it down into a simple equation:

Performance = Potential – Interference


I have used this equation to guide my coaching performance for 20 years in business and 30 years in athletics. A good coach simply removes interference for the coachee, but a skilled coach more particularly creates space for the coachee to remove the interference on their own.  In addition to this equation below is a pic from Sir John Whitmore – another giant in the coaching and mentoring scene.

Whitmore Purpose of Coaching


If you are a coachee:

It will help you understand why you should embrace the movement from comfort to discomfort: your own performance benefits. Courage is frequently required; having a skilled coach to guide helps immensely.

If you are a coach:

Creating the space, not letting coachees regress into comfort and helping coachees navigate the consequential chaos are critical skills.




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