Art of Persuasion

This week has a very short segment that will challenge conventional sales approaches and even marketing ones. I share Daniel Pink’s video on persuasion for entrepreneurs on three accounts:

  1. The conventional, business-as-usual marketing and sales approaches are largely discredited and are melting away. They are singularly useless for searching organizations and early execution ones. Even in MBA schools and big organizations, their efficacy is fast becoming dubious.
  2. Entrepreneurs cannot be remotely successful ignoring the human factor (the widget itself is worthless) – a reality exacerbated by adhering to antiquated approaches. Buying decisions are emotional, for technology companies this is counterintuitive especially when business analysis seems to creep into the buying decision. It is seldom, if ever, an impersonal, logical decision.
  3. Buyers hate being sold, but love to buy. Think about your own response to being sold something. It is usually unpleasant, often requiring a shower afterwards.
In short, immediately stop doing what doesn’t work, start doing what does and if you don’t know how and when to do it invest immediately in getting that capability too. There’s lots of what out there, but much less how and when.

Have a great week and innovate your persuasion skill set!



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